10 Best Spotify Plugins in 2021

By Charlie Williams

Updated on February 28, 2022

From Instagram stories to YouTube suggestions, algorithms now dominate our lifestyle. Similarly, the rise of music streaming platforms cannot be overlooked. Despite this, some applications have an edge over others. Spotify is no exception.

Spotify, the largest music streaming service, offers a variety of tools for listening to and discovering music, including algorithmic tracks like Explore Weekly, which bring expertly selected audio to many users. It explains why it has a large user base. Moreover, irrespective of the device’s OS, portability is a benefit.

Aside from the developed functions, Spotify plugins applications exist that use the Spotify API to give auxiliary highlights that improve the music listening quality for music fans.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 10 top Spotify addons and applications for a listening experience.

spotify plugins

Part 1. Top 10 Best Spotify Plugins

1. The Playlist Miner

Using the Playlist Miner, you may create playlists automatically from Spotify’s public lists.

Playlist Miner is one of the plugins for Spotify. It can search all of Spotify’s top famous public playlists to find the best music related to the term you choose. For example, if you’re seeking for meditation music, type “Meditation” into Spotify’s search bar to find a plethora of exercise songs that different Spotify users have associated with exercising.

the playlist miner plugins spotify

2. Discover Weekly

Every Monday, you’ll find a fresh playlist of thirty tracks that will most likely delight your ears.

Every minute you pause, replay or play songs on Spotify, it records your listening habits. It then puts the information into the preference account, compares it to other accounts that fit, and customizes which music you haven’t heard to provide you with an appropriate recommendation.

discover weekly spotify plugins

3. Release Radar

Every Week, discover new music from every musician you’re already enjoying.

This addons for Spotify generates a two-hour algorithmically personalized mix with newly released songs from each singer in the Spotify playlists. This function will assist you in discovering podcasters you may not be aware of.

release radar plugins for spotify

4. Last.fm

Join the music by obtaining the best available music suggestion. Combine your favorite music, identify your song listening pattern, and join the hearing by receiving the best potential music suggestion. Last.FM is the Spotify plugin that allows users to discover, discuss, and rate music through the media player plug-in.

last fm spotify plugins

5. Boil the Frog

With a nearly flawless shift, discover two different performers or music styles. Boil the Frog is a partner software that builds a playlist for you that seamlessly transitions from one musical style to another. It is where you’ll be able to create those fantastic mixes. You may save all of the recommended songs to the Playlist if you like them all.

boil the frog spotify plugins

6. Playlist.net

With these finest best Spotify addons, you may explore new open playlists and see which ones you like best. Playlist.net is another addons Spotify application that lets you discover music through selected material or searches using the Genre Mood feature. It is an excellent method to get a sample of only the things you enjoy. You may upload the album for others to find, allowing you to spread the joy to more people.

playlists net spotify addons

7. AudFun Spotify Music Converter

Download your favorite Spotify tracks for offline playback with AudFun Spotify Music Downloader. The app is a Spotify DRM removal that can remove DRM from Spotify songs and convert them into forms compatible with a wide range of smartphones and players. The pace of conversion can be up to 5 times faster. It supports a variety of Spotify audio formats that may be changed in bulk.

audfun spotify music converter

8. Equalify Pro

Equalify Pro is a Windows OS app that you can install if you have a Windows computer. This plugin works in conjunction with Spotify to improve the audio experience. There’s no need to halt or reload Spotify while the song is playing. It employs parametric interphase to ensure that your tracks merge seamlessly.

equalify pro addons for spotify

9. MusixMatch

With MusixMatch, you may get enough details about the track. The lyrics will be displayed in a foreign language. Download this Spotify plugin and set it up to work with Spotify. When you’ve set all of the variables, a floating screen will appear with all of the Karaoke-style song lyrics. The classic hit song’s lyrics are now shown alongside the translated lyrics.

musixmatch spotify plugins

10. Timer

The Timer is one of the best Spotify plugins designed specifically for podcasters. If you enjoy sleeping while hearing to podcasts, the Timer is a godsend. You can set the shutoff time anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. To set the period, select the moon symbol when the audio episode starts. When the timer runs out, the program will stop for a certain amount of time, allowing you to hear to it again.

spotify sleep timer

Extra Tip: How to Download Spotify Music as MP3 for Playing Offline

You can find tracks in a variety of genres, ranging from energizing Jazz to soothing Classic to energizing Hard Rock. However, all Spotify songs are protected in the protected Ogg Vorbis form.

To free yourself from the chains of Spotify discovery, switch Spotify audio formats using AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Aside from converting Spotify tracks to MP3, this fantastic Spotify converter can convert Spotify music to FLAC, and other common formats. As a result, you can leisurely enjoy Spotify songs.

Spotify may be used on a variety of devices and players. AudFun Spotify Music Converter combines most of the best aspects of music converters to allow you to download common Spotify tracks offline, almost like magic. Spotify material can be used and played on any of your devices, including MP3 players, gaming systems, and more.

Spotify tracks may be downloaded and converted into a variety of playable formats with AudFun Spotify Music Converter. So, you can access them on whatever phone or audio player you like.

How to Save Spotify Tracks as an MP3 Form for Offline Listening

Step 1: Add Spotify songs you like to AudFun Spotify Music Converter. You need to download and then open the AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Then find any songs you like to convert and move them to AudFun program.

add spotify to audfun spotify music converter

Step 2: Modify Spotify’s sound file types for conversion. go to the Menu icon to choose ‘Preferences’ and then choose ‘Convert’ to reset the output audio format for Spotify music.

set up parameters for spotify

Step 3: Convert your favorite Spotify tracks, streams, and albums. Now, you can start to convert Spotify to MP3 or other formats you want. Then you can find the songs on your computer.

convert spotify by audfun plugins

Step 4: Move Spotify music to other devices or platforms for listening offline.


The top-rated audio streaming software keeps you near to the music you want to hear. With these finest Spotify plugins, you’ll be able to find even more things. To alter the restrictions for use, you’ll have to go to every plugin individually. However, the greatest tool AudFun Spotify Music Converter wins the advantage whenever it comes to saving and playing Spotify songs offline.

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