AudFun Privacy Policy

AudFun Software cares very much about your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information we collect about you. We will never distribute or share any of your private data with others except as necessary to fulfill our obligations to you. This Privacy Policy is created here to help you understand what information we collect, why to do this, and how we process it.

What Information We Collect and Why

In general, AudFun will never collect your personal data when you visit our website. But when you place an order on the website, you need to enter some personal information, such as your full name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, phone number, and expiration date, etc. in order to successfully complete the transaction.

Sometimes, you will be asked to use your email address to contact our customer service team so that we can resolve any problems that you may have with the AudFun software in relation to your ordering, downloading and installation, registration, and more.

How Will We Use It

We may use your personal information to verify your identity in order to finish the order. In other situations, we will use it to answer your inquiries and provide you with technical support, or to keep you informed about our latest products, promotions, software updates, and others. You can cancel the newsletter at any time.

We may share your personal information with trusted third parties who abide by our commitment to protect your privacy. We may also disclose your information to law enforcement or other government agencies in order to comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal processes.

How We Protect Your Personal Info

We are prepared to protect your above private information. We use a secure third-party digital commerce platform, Paddle, which encrypts all your personal information before sending it to us. Access to your personal data is limited to those who need it to do their job. In addition, our website servers are protected at all times to prevent the disclosure of any possible information.

About Cookies

With the purpose to provide better service and experience, we use “cookies” on our website. A cookie is a small file of text that contains a string of letters and numbers to let your browser know that you have gotten back to the site. It works like your ID card and may remember your registered login name, preferences, or other custom features. Cookies do not contain any information that can identify you, and they do not damage your device. They can’t be executed as code or spread viruses.

Many web browsers need visitors to accept cookies by default. But you can still disable or remove cookies on your browser by following the instructions below. But, it’s important to be noted that you may not have full access to some of our pages.

For Chrome users: How to clear, enable and manage cookies in Google Chrome

For Safari users: How to manage cookies on Safari

For Firefox users: How to enable and disable cookies on Firefox

For Edge users: How to clear and block cookies on Microsoft Edge

For Opera users: How to manage cookies on Opera

For IE users: How to delete and manage cookies on Internet Explorer

Update to This Policy

AudFun Software reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy anytime. Any changes we make in the future will be posted on this page and will take immediate effect. We may notify you through different channels, such as our social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s also able to view it here each time when you visit our website to ensure you are up to date with our privacy policy.

For any questions about the Privacy Policy of AudFun Software, please contact us by email at [email protected].