Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of the frequently asked questions that our customers meet. It includes product-related technical issues, sales questions, and registration problems. Each question will come with a complete solution. Find your answers in the list. If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via [email protected], and we will reply to you soon.

Part 1. Order FAQs

1. Is it secure to buy a program from your site?

Yes, it is! All your personal and financial information will be 100% safe and protected by the powerful encrypted check-out system.

2. Can I test the performance of your product before buying it?

Yes, you can! We provide a free trial version of our software, with which users can install and test its all performance before purchasing it.

3. What is the difference between the trial and the full versions?

You can use the trial version to experience all the features of the full version. The only difference between them is the free trial version gives you the first 1-minute of each track.

4. What payment methods do you offer?

We cooperate with the truehearted and reliable third-party payment system, the Paddle checkout system. Thus, we can support lots of popular payment methods like Paypal, bank transfer, credit card, and so forth.

5. How to confirm whether my order is successful?

When your order is completed successfully, please check your Inbox out within 1 hour or so. You will find two emails, including an order confirmation email and another email containing the registration info from the Paddle platform.

6. What should I do if I purchased the wrong software?

No worries. You just need to contact our customer service to change the license code to the correct one. Alternatively, you can diametrically purchase the right one and then ask our support team to issue the refund of the wrong product.

7. Can I apply for a refund of my purchases?

Yes, but you can do it when you are under acceptable circumstances. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee under the acknowledged situations. For details, please check the Refund Policy out.

8. Can I purchase a physical CD or download software online?

No, sorry to say that there are no physical CD copies currently. Because our product needs to keep upgrade so that it works with other systems and applications. You are highly recommended to download our software from our website online.

9. Can I get a free license for the AudFun product?

Yes. No matter you are a blogger, webmaster, YouTube creator, etc., you have an opportunity to win a free lifetime license from AudFun Software. Also, we welcome any other form of promotion for AudFun products.

10. How to cancel your AudFun subscription?

Please go to your AudFun order confirmation email firstly. Tap the ‘please review your subscription‘ words in your email to manage your AudFun subscription. And then, you can hit on the ‘Cancel Subscription‘ button to cancel your AudFun monthly or quarterly subscription. Or, you can directly contact our support team or Paddle support team to do this easily.

Part 2. Technical FAQs

1. What should I do when the ‘Check for Updates’ is not available?

If you get an error message saying failed to update it, there is nothing wrong you have done. It could be caused by our server issue. To fix it, please go to the ‘Download Center‘ to download and install the latest installation package on your computer.

2. Why the conversion speed is slow on macOS 10.13 or above?

AudFun Spotify Music Converter can only convert Spotify music in real-time on macOS High Sierra and above. To make it compatible with macOS 10.13 and later, we have adopted a brand-new technology but it would slow down the conversion speed. For faster speed, it’s better to install AudFun software on Sierra or lower macOS systems or switch to the Windows version.

3. Why can I only convert 100 Spotify tracks in one playlist at a time?

It depends on the Spotify API limitation, which allows users to analyze 100 songs in one playlist at a time only. You are suggested to create more playlists for your Spotify songs to convert without limits.

4. Can I install the AudFun software on mobile devices?

No, you can’t install and use AudFun software on your mobile devices. At present, AudFun tools are compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS only.

Part 3. Registration FAQs

1. Where to find the licensed code after order?

The registration info will be sent to the email address where you placed the order within 1 hour or so. If you don’t find it in your Inbox, please check the Spam. Still, no? You can contact us via [email protected], and then we will resend it to you as soon as possible.

2. How to register and activate AudFun Software?

For Windows users, please open the AudFun program and click the ‘Menu’ bar to choose the ‘Register’ option. For Mac users, please navigate to the top-left Apple menu bar to choose the ‘AudFun program’ > ‘Register’ section.

The registration window will pop up, where you need to type the licensed name and code. When you click the ‘OK’ button, the AudFun software will be activated immediately.

3. Why is there a ‘registration code is invalid’ error?

Please check again that you entered the license name and code correctly. Make sure you purchase and download the right software and the right version. You can also directly contact us for further assistance.

4. Can I switch the product version from Windows to Mac OS or vice versa?

Yes, but you can do that within 7 days after you bought our software. Otherwise, you should purchase a new license for different platforms as they are standalone systems.

5. Can I use AudFun Software on a new computer by using the same license?

If you order the Single License plan, you can only use the original licensed code on the computer registered for the first time. If you buy the Family License plan or Unlimited License plan, you can use AudFun software on other new computers.