How to Get Spotify Unblocked for School/Work/Other Places

By Charlie Williams

Updated on February 19, 2024

Q: “How can I get Spotify Web Player unblocked? I just realized I can’t stream Spotify anymore. What’s the solution? Much thanks for any help.”

Spotify stands out from most music services for its large music library size and suitable subscription services, which makes it popular among many music lovers. However, this streaming service is not available in all countries and regions around the world. That means Spotify will be blocked in those incompatible places and people there will fail to access the music platform. Also, for some schools or workplaces, a firewall may be blocking Spotify to avoid distraction.

If you are getting vulnerable to blocked Spotify, just read on. You can check the potential factors behind Spotify blocked issues and find 4 working ways to get Spotify unblocked for school, work, or other places.

get spotify unblocked

Part 1. Why Is Spotify Blocked at School/Work/Anywhere

Before unblocking Spotify for use without any limit, you can take a look at why is Spotify blocked on different places. This way, you can select a more suitable solution according to your situations. Here are some reasons below.

Licensing Restrictions: Spotify is only available in over 180 countries and regions, most of which are in Europe, Asia, Americans, Africa, and Oceania. You can visit this Spotify official website to view whether the country or region you live in supports Spotify.

Avoid Distraction & Improve Productivity: Many schools and workplaces block Spotify on Chromebooks, PC, Mac, or other devices. For this, they can stop students and employees from getting distracted while studying or working and get higher productivity.

Reduce Bandwidth Usage: A school is likely to restrict its free Wi-Fi for study purposes only. In most cases, it will limit the usage of other sites like music streaming or video access to reduce its bandwidth consumption and accelerate the process of essential tasks.

Inappropriate Content: Some inappropriate content on Spotify, such as Spotify explicit content may be restricted to access according to the regulations of some regions or countries.

Security and Privacy: Many regions or places will use a firewall against unknown malware risk and unauthorized access posed by Spotify, which contributes to protecting privacy.

spotify blocked by firewall

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Web Player Unblocked with VPN

When it comes to bypassing the blocking or restriction on Spotify and other worldwide apps, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a reliable tool recommended by many people. It adopts an encrypted tunnel to create a temporary. secure, and private network from a public internet connection between your device and VPN’s remote server. With it, you can access another network over the internet and route your internet traffic securely. You can use a VPN to remotely access Spotify.

vpn working principle

✅Pros of VPN:

  1. Privacy and Security: VPNs encrypts all the internet traffic and data to avoid interception or surveillance from third parties alongside against hackers and virus.
  2. Restriction Bypass: VPNs enables you to bypass geographic restrictions wherever you are and get access to the content blocked by your current location.
  3. Browse Anonymously: It hides your IP address and current location and display them as a virtual one. The third parties will fail to track your browsing history.

❎Cons of VPN

  1. Illegal to Use: VPNs are illegal to use in some countries or regions.
  2. Premium Costs: Reliable VPNs are premium while free VPNs may leak your data.
  3. Slower Internet Speed: VPNs will slow down the speed of internet and page and consume lots of data of Wi-Fi.
  4. Blocked By Some Websites/Devices: VPNs may not compatible with and blocked by some devices or websites.

How to Unblock Spotify with VPN

Step 1. Choose a reliable VPN. Then download and install it onto your device. You may need to subscribe to the VPN’s Premium after a free trial.

Step 2. Sign up for an account of the VPN you’ve downloaded and log in with the account credentials.

Step 3. Change your IP address and current location to a preferred country that supports Spotify. 

Step 4. Connect to a server in the selected country. Then hit the ‘Connect‘ or ‘Start‘ button.

Step 5. Go back to the Spotify website or app and log in to Spotify to enjoy your playlists or other content.

unblock spotify with a vpn

Part 3. How to Get Spotify Unblocked for School/Work/Other Places with Proxy/DNS Server

Beside the above-mentioned VPNs, a proxy or DNS server is also a great shot to unblock Spotify at school, workplace, or anywhere, whether you use a Spotify app or navigate to

Unblock Spotify with Proxy Server

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between a client (such as your computer) requesting the resource and another server providing the resource. It has its IP address and is responsible for returning requested legal information to the client without showing your IP. In other words, your internet traffic will be routed through the proxy server before reaching its destination.

Pros of Proxy Server

  1. Privacy and Anonymity: A proxy server can hide your real IP address but show its IP to the destination server.
  2. Restrictions Bypass: Similar to VPNs, a proxy server bypass the geo-restrictions or network limitations, allowing you to access blocked content.
  3. Improve Speed & Performance: A proxy server can speed up the loading process when you browse websites or download large-size files.

Cons of Proxy Server

  1. Security Risks: Most proxy servers are free but make profits by adding ads to unsafe connection, which probably has malware risk.
  2. Possible Restrictions: Certain websites or devices may block Proxy servers. Thus, you cannot access the content from them.
  3. Data Track & Lack of Encryption: The server doesn’t encrypt your data and also tracks your browsing activities.
  4. Need Subscriptions: Some trustworthy proxy servers require you to upgrade to its premium version after free trial.
  5. Complicated to Use: Compared with VPN, you will find it difficult to select and use proxy servers to find and use.

How to Unblock Spotify Using a Proxy Server

spotify proxy settings

Step 1. Select a professional proxy server that suits your needs, for example, web-based proxies or proxy software.

Step 2. Click the bottom ‘SETTINGS‘ on the login screen of Spotify to configure proxy settings.

Step 3. Under the ‘Proxy Settings‘ section, select the correct ‘Proxy type‘ and enter asked content you have. Then click on the below ‘BACK‘ button and log into your Spotify account.

Unblock Spotify with DNS Server

A DNS server works to translate a domain name (such as: into an IP address. Once you enter a domain name into a web browser on your computer, the computer will send a request to the DNS server you are using to check the domain name-associated IP address. Afterward, the DNS server can return the IP address to your computer, enabling it to connect to the correct web server.

Pros of DNS Server

  1. Access to Blocked Content: With it, you can get access to the blocked website you want.
  2. Easy to Use: What you need to do is just enter the domain name such as instead of the complicated IP.
  3. Performance Enhancement: DNS servers can cache information to accelerate the checking and loading process.
  4. Stability with Two IP Addresses: It translates each website to two IP addresses. If one is out of work, you can try another.

Cons of DNS Server

  1. Hacker Risks: DNS servers may suffer from attacks from expert hackers, DNS spoofing, cache poisoning, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which leads to data breaches.
  2. Server Collapse: If one DNS server collapses or encounter attacks, then other all DNS servers around the world will also crash.
  3. Premium Cost: Similar to VPNs and proxy servers, a reliable DNS server need you to pay for it.
  4. Possible incompatibility: Likewise, DNS servers may be incompatible with certain devices or websites.
  5. Complicated DNS Settings: Incredibly complicated to customize DNS settings on different devices

How to Unblock Spotify via DNS Settings

Step 1. First, go to the DNS Settings of your device to select a certain DNS server.

Step 2. Then you can type the domain name of Spotify: It will send your request and return the translated IP addresses to you.

Part 4. How to Unblock Spotify without VPN Anywhere Free🔥

As the above content shows, even though you can use a VPN, proxy server, or DNS to unblock Spotify, you will still get vulnerable to other issues such as illegal issues, security risk, incompatibility with devices, complicated process, etc. Plus, many schools and workplaces use the Chromebook. However, the Spotify app is incompatible with Chrome OS.

But don’t fret. We prepared a secure and legal way to make Spotify not blocked without VPN or DNS proxy, wherever you are. That is to engage the secure and legal gadget AudFun Spotify Music Converter. It unblocks Spotify premium, empowering both free and paid Spotify users to download any content from Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and more local files for free. Its advanced technology retains the 100% lossless audio quality and metadata info (like title, artist, cover art, and other ID3 tags).

Moreover, it enables you to customize output quality and supports batch conversion at a fast 5X speed. Once converted, you can preserve the Spotify files offline forever without the Spotify app or Premium. Before you go to other places where block Spotify, please use AudFun to turn your favorite songs as local files in advance, which makes playback easier and better.

audfun spotify converter to unblock spotify

Key Features of AudFun Spotify Music Converter

  • Support to play Spotify music on all devices and players anywhere and anytime
  • Download all Spotify content in batches at a 5X fast speed without Premium
  • Save 100% original audio quality and full ID3 tags
  • Convert Spotify to local files like AAC, MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B

How to Unblock Spotify Anywhere Using AudFun Spotify Music Converter

You can install the converter by clicking the above Download button and give it a shot. Then look into the detailed user guide to convert Spotify any content including Spotify podcasts to MP3 or other commonly used files.

Step 1 Upload Spotify Songs or Playlist to AudFun Porgram

add spotify music into audfun

On the Spotify web player or app, search for the content you want to download. Then tap on the right ‘‘ icon and choose the ‘Share‘ > ‘Copy Spotify Link‘ option to copy the URL link. After that, paste the URL in the AudFun app’s interface address bar and tap the ‘+‘ icon to load the added content. Alternatively, drag the Spotify song o other audio files and drop them to AudFun directly.

Step 2 Customize Spotify Output Format and Quality for Offline Playing Anywhere

set spotify music format

Proceed to click on the ‘Menu‘ tab similar to three horizontal lines at the upper right. From the dropdown list, click ‘Preferences‘ and switch to the ‘Convert‘ section. There, choose an output format such as MP3 for your Spotify music and customize output parameters by altering Spotify bitrate, sample rate, etc. to get higher-quality audio.

Step 3 Download and Convert Spotify Content to Unblock It Anywhere

convert and download spotify music to get spotify unblocked

Confirm your settings entry and click on the ‘OK‘ tab. Then press the ‘Convert‘ button to start to convert and download music from Spotify to your computer. You can then press the bottom File icon and locate the converted Spotify playlist within the destination folder of your computer. Finally, transfer the converted Spotify music to any device for offline listening without Spotify blocked restrictions.

Part 5. Conclusion

Even though you can access Spotify content for free, you can play its files from its app or web player only. Besides, it is not yet available in some countries and blocked by some places. By this, you’ll need to remove DRM from Spotify and get Spotify unblocked before you can listen to Spotify music offline on any device and media player. Also, you can choose other three ways to unblock Spotify via VPN, proxy server, and DNS.

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