How to Import Music from Spotify to InShot

By Charlie Williams

Updated on April 13, 2022

“Can you use Spotify with InShot?”, “Do you know how to import music from Spotify to InShot?” Before we go any further, it is essential to know what is InShot. InShot is a video editing tool that allows users to edit pictures and videos on PC. Also, users can add any music files they like into the video on InShot.

In this article, we will let you know about Spotify to InShot. So, read all the below details carefully to find out how to use Spotify on InShot.

spotify to inshot

Part 1. Can You Use Spotify with InShot?

The answer to this question is yes. You can use Spotify with InShot. Though Spotify doesn’t give its service to InShot, InShot is connected to iTunes. In case you need to add music from Spotify to InShot, you are supposed to download Spotify tracks to the common files that are InShot-supported. Users can easily add Spotify to InShot with the help of a Spotify music converter. This allows you to add Spotify music into InShot without any trouble.


InShot is a video editing device that allows you to create, edit and make necessary changes to pictures and videos of your choice. With the help of this tool, you can trim, edit, add effects, and give your video a whole new professional look. You can also add multiple sound effects in the video according to your ease.


Spotify is an audio streaming service that is popular all over the world. With the help of this streaming service, users can gain access to its huge online library of music and podcasts, which lets you listen to different kinds of content of your choice whenever you need to.

Part 2. How to Convert Spotify Music for InShot

If you need to know how to use Spotify music on InShot, then your best call is to go for AudFun Spotify Music Converter. With the help of this tool, you can easily download and convert Spotify music for InShot. This amazing music converter is one of the best options that one can lay their hands on.

This tool allows you to convert and download one’s favorite Spotify tracks in multiple formats, and the most popular one is MP3. The best thing about using this tool when it comes to adding Spotify music to InShot is that users don’t have to be worried about losing the real quality of the song. Apart from that, all the work will be done within a couple of minutes.

audfun spotify music converter

AudFun Spotify Music Converter for InShot

  • Converts songs from Spotify to InShot at 5X speed
  • Download Spotify music to InShot-supported output formats
  • Save Spotify music files without losing the original quality
  • It’s available on Windows and Mac system

Part 3. How to Download Music from Spotify to InShot

Now, in this part, you will learn how to convert and download Spotify music for InShot by using the AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Here you can check out the detailed steps below.

Step 1 Set up AudFun Spotify Music Converter

open the audfun program and add spotify music to it

At the start, launch AudFun Spotify Music Converter on your PC, and the Spotify application will open via automatic processing. There are two ways to load Spotify music into AudFun for converting that you can add to InShot. One is by dragging & dropping Spotify songs to the AudFun main interface. The other is by copying & pasting the Spotify link to the search box of AudFun, and then tapping the ‘+’ button.

Step 2 Reset output format of Spotify for InShot

set spotify output formats for inshot

Now, Mac users can find and hit on the Apple menu bar to pick the option that says ‘AudFun Spotify Music Converter’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Convert’ to choose the Spotify output format for InShot. You can also arrange other audio parameters like the bit rate, audio channel, and sample rate.

Step 3 Convert Spotify for InShot

download music from spotify for inshot

In the end, you can download Spotify songs to MP3 for InShot audio files by pressing the option ‘Convert’.

Part 4. How to Import Music from Spotify to InShot

Users can transfer all the converted Spotify song files to their iPhone or Android phone using a USB cable. Then import Spotify music to InShot video. To find out how to add Spotify songs to InShot, go for the below steps.

Step 1. At the start, launch InShot on your phone, make a new video, and press the option that says Music to get into the Music section.

Step 2. Now drag the timeline to which you need to add the song, and press on the option that says Tracks.

Step 3. In the end, click the option of Imported music. Select the option of Files to include Spotify music in the InShot video.

how to import music from spotify to inshot on phone

Part 5. More Tips on How to Use InShot

The below tips will help you to know how to use InShot, so check them out.

How to Use InShot to Edit Video

Step 1. To import the video, you need to press the option of Video, which will open the gallery folder of your phone. Select the video you like to edit and select the portrait mode or landscape mode.

Step 2. To trim and split the video, you can trim the part that you don’t need to have in the video. Click the option that says Trim, arrange the sliders to select the part you like, and choose the checkmark. Users can split their video by picking the Split button, moving the bar where they like to split, and selecting the checkmark.

Step 3. To add filters to the video, you need to click the Filter option, where you will see 3 sections: Effect, Filter, and Adjust. The Filter option guides you to choose the lighting you need to add to your video.

edit a video in inshot

How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story and TikTok Video with InShot

We hope that so far users will be able to know how to download music from Spotify to InShot, but what to do when it comes to adding Spotify music to Instagram and TikTok video with InShot, then have a look at the below steps to find out how all of this works.

  • Add Spotify Music to Instagram with InShot

Step 1. At the start, open InShot on your Android or iOS device, tap Video to create an Instagram story, or choose photos for the Instagram story.

Step 2. Now choose Instagram ratio, trim or split video, and add Spotify music to the video.

Step 3. When you are done, click on Save on the screen to save your edits.

Step 4. In the end, you can share your video to Instagram by choosing Instagram and then tapping on Share to Instagram.

share video from inshot to instagram
  • Add Spotify Music to TikTok with InShot

Step 1. At the start, just open InShot on iPhone or Android phone, touch Video to add TikTok videos or you can record a video from TikTok.

Step 2. Now press on the Canva button to choose the TikTok ratio and then start editing the video.

Step 3. You can add Spotify songs to TikTok videos by clicking on the Music icon to import Spotify music.

Step 4. In the end, you can share this video with TikTok by tapping the option of Save to save the video and choose Share to TikTok.

share video from inshot to tiktok

Part 6. Final Words

We hope that all the users who are asking can you use Spotify with InShot have found the answers to their questions here. The above guide will be of some help, so you can use it to import music from Spotify to InShot and get to know how all these apps work. Just try the above steps one by one according to your needs.

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