How to Transfer Spotify to Amazon Music

By Charlie Williams

Updated on December 8, 2021

Since its launch in 2007, Amazon Music has continued to gain traction. It has so far improved its service and added numerous subscription packages. Think of Alexa voice recognition, Google’s Android Auto, and Apple’s CarPlay, among others. Even though Amazon offers you curated playlists and personalized streaming stations, many Spotify users still feel attached to the curated and algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly. That’s why they strive to move Spotify to Amazon Music for the continuity of their lovable tracks.

But how do you transfer playlist from Spotify to Amazon Music? It is a little tricky to do that being that Spotify music files are encrypted and not playable outside the Spotify browser or app. You require a dedicated tool to remove the restriction before you can transfer Spotify to other platforms like Amazon Music. Check out the next section on how best to achieve this.

spotify to amazon music

Part 1. Transfer Spotify to Amazon Music – Best Way

Given the magnitude of playlists, albums, podcasts, etc, on Spotify, you can’t resist the urge to move and listen to them on other platforms. We introduce AudFun Spotify Music Converter, a sophisticated tool that will make music playback easy. It can convert Spotify to Amazon Music and support to move Spotify to Amazon Music. Whether you wish to rip music from Spotify albums, playlists, or artists, AudFun will download it in any format. This app supports formats such as M4A, WAV, AAC, MP3, among many others.

You don’t have to worry about the originality of the converted files. The AudFun app will save lossless ID3 tags and other metadata information of Spotify playlists including composer, genre, artist, album, etc. More so, you’ll manage to classify the converted songs by artist or album. The speed is also notable, converting songs at up to 5X speed in batches.

audfun spotify music converter

AudFun Spotify Music Converter

  • Preserves 100% lossless output audio files
  • Listen to Spotify audiobooks, radios, and podcasts offline
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, and various s formats
  • Play Spotify playlists on multiple devices and players without restrictions

How to Convert Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music – Detailed Steps

You must be yearning to transfer Spotify playlist to Amazon Music and start enjoying Amazon benefits with your Spotify songs on board. Amazon Music is quite versatile and available on several devices from your phone, Android, Echo Dot, tablet, iOS, and the Web. That explains the reason for wanting to experience this top music streaming service.

Step 1 Download and register in AudFun

launch and sign in audfun spotify music converter

To add your favorite Spotify playlists, first, download the AudFun Spotify Music Converter and install it on your computer. Also, ensure that the Spotify app is installed on your computer. Then, register and activate AudFun if you had bought it. Just go to the top-right “Menu” bar and hit the “Register” option to fill in your licensed email address and code.

Step 2  Upload Spotify playlists to AudFun for conversion

import music from spotify to audfun

Identify the Spotify playlists you want to convert, from the Spotify desktop app. Next, tap on the item and click the “Share” > “Copy Spotify Link” option to copy Spotify URL. Then paste the link in the AudFun app interface and tap on the “+” button to load them. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Spotify playlists to the AudFun interface.

Step 3 Customize Spotify output format for Amazon Music

set spotify music format for amazon music

With AudFun, you can customize the output format of Spotify to Amazon Music to your preferences. Hit the “Menu” bar then choose the “Preferences” option and hit the “Convert” tab. This will open the settings window to enable you to adjust output settings and parameters like bit rate, sample rate, channel, etc. You can also classify the output tracks by artists or albums for easy identification.

Step 4  Download and export Spotify playlist to Amazon Music

convert spotify playlist to amazon music

Confirm the settings you modified by clicking the “OK” button. Then hit the “Convert” button at the bottom-right corner of the AudFun app. The Spotify songs will be converted to the set perimeters. Then easily locate the Converted Spotify playlist from the Converted folder in your computer’s local storage.

How to Import Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music

The restriction on the Spotify playlist has now been eliminated. And you can freely see how to transfer Spotify playlist to Amazon Music. But note that Amazon Music doesn’t support direct adding of local music. You, therefore, have to use iTunes to add them via these steps.

Step 1. First, upload the converted Spotify playlist into iTunes.

Step 2. Launch the “Amazon Music” app and log in to your Amazon account.

Step 3. Click on your “Profile” picture and select the “Settings” option.

Step 4. Then go to the “Automatically Import Music from” option and click on it.

Step 5. Turn on the button that’s located next to “iTunes”.

automatically import music from itunes

Step 6. Finally, click on the “Reload Library” option to sync the converted Spotify music.

reload library in amazon music

Part 2. How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music Free

Finally, let’s learn how to transfer Spotify to Amazon Music free. Now that the converted Spotify music is already synced. Use “FreeYourMusic”, a free app that will help you get Amazon Music on your Android and iOS devices.

Step 1. First, install the “FreeYourMusic” app on your computer. Then, launch the Spotify app and select it as the source to transfer Spotify music from.

Step 2. Next, select “Amazon Music” as the destination to transfer your music to. Just go to the “FreeYourMusic” app main interface and hit the “Amazon Music” icon. Once it leads you to your Amazon account, log into your account to enable the transfer process.

transfer spotify to amazon music free

Step 3. Now, select the Spotify playlist that you wish to transfer to Amazon Music.

Step 4. Finally, confirm your selection and let the “FreeYourMusic” app begin to transfer Spotify to Amazon Music. You can then access Spotify from your Amazon Music account for playback.

Part 3. Conclusion

AudFun Spotify Music Converter makes it possible for you to import Spotify playlist to Amazon Music. Don’t be limited from listening to your favorite Discovery Weekly among other curated playlists. AudFun has simple steps and suits both professionals and beginners. Try it in your next mission when you want to stream Spotify on any platform such as Amazon Music streaming service.

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