Can Rythm Bot Play Spotify? Solved!

By Charlie Williams

Updated on September 22, 2021

Rythm Bot is one of the most used music bots to play songs. This bot has been designed to play your favorite songs directly onto your server. Since it supports multiple music streaming services and offers a lag-free and hassle-free music listening experience, Rythm Bot has a vast customer base. To be precise, more than 8 million Discord users use the Rythm Bot already.

And today, we will focus on how to use the Rythm Bot to play Spotify playlists. Making Rythm Bot play Spotify is also easy. You will just have to use a command, and it will start playing the song right away. If you are interested in this topic, read this article to get the complete tutorial.

rythm bot spotify

Part 1. How to Play Spotify on Rythm Bot via Commands Directly

The good news is that Rythm Bot can work with Spotify directly. So how to play Spotify on Rythm Bot? There are a few steps that you can refer to. The first thing you will have to do is get Rythm Bot, and after that, connect Discord with Spotify to start playing a Spotify playlist via the Rythm Bot. The first section will help you understand how to add Rythm Bot to Discord:

Step 1: Visit and log in using your credentials for Discord. 

Step 2: Ensure you have Administrator or Manage Server permission. 

Step 3: Now, visit and click on the Invite the bot option. You will be redirected to a Discord page, where you will have to select a server. 

Step 4: You will be taken to the permission page. You can customize the bot’s settings and permissions. Once done, click on Authorize

Step 5: Head over to your Discord server, and you should see the Rythm bot towards the right of your Discord page. 

Step 6: Click on the User Setting option and select the Connections option. Now click on the Spotify icon.

Step 7: After the connection is made, your Discord profile will show the Spotify song you are listening to. 

Step 8: You can also type a command to play Spotify on Ryhtm bot. The command to use is !play followed by the name of the song. 

Part 2. How to Make Rythm Bot Play Spotify Playlist Locally

For those who use a free Spotify account, you can use the Rythm Bot to play Spotify playlists offline for free. But to do this, you will have to download your favorite Spotify songs to your computer and start playing them through your Mic on Discord. Here, we can meet AudFun Spotify Music Converter to download music from Spotify without Premium.

It is a full-featured music converter and will let you convert and listen to Spotify songs offline. The Spotify playlists can be converted into multiple formats, which are MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, and M4B at a 5X faster speed. To make matters better, all ID3 tags and meta info will be preserved in the output audio files. With the help of this tool, you can not only play Spotify on Ryhtm bot but on any other device that you want.

audfun spotify music converter

AudFun Spotify Music Converter

  • Convert and download as many Spotify songs as you want. 
  • Convert Spotify songs for Rythm Bot at 5X speed. 
  • Supports multiple output formats, like MP3, FLAC, etc. 
  • Keep lossless audio quality, including 100% original ID3 tags. 

How to Play Local Spotify Playlist on Rythm Bot

Using AudFun Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlits for Rythm Bot is easy and straightforward. There are just a few steps to follow, and later you can enable your Mic to play the downloaded Spotify songs via Rythm Bot seamlessly. 

Step 1 Import Spotify Songs to Download Offline

add spotify music to download offline

Please visit AudFun Website and download the AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Once done, please launch it on your computer. After that, you need to add the Spotify songs that you want to convert and play on Rythm Bot. You can drag and drop the songs or add the songs manually by copying the Spotify song link and pasting it to the search box of AudFun Software. 

Step 2 Alter Spotify Output Parameters for Rythm Bot 

alter spotify format for rythm bot

After Spotify playlists are added, you can customize the audio parameters to ensure you download the best quality Spotify songs. First, you can pick an audio format of Spotify music according to the requirement of Rythm Bot. Once done, you can edit other Spotify audio parameters under the Channel, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate section. Please click on the OK option that you see towards the bottom right to save the changes. 

Step 3 Convert Spotify Songs and Playlists for Rythm Bot

play spotify on rythm bot

You are just one step away from saving the Spotify songs. Go ahead and hit the Convert option, and the songs will be converted to Rythm Bot-supported audio files. And you can find them by clicking the History > Search button. 

Step 4 Play Spotify Playlists on Rythm Bot

Open Discord and go to Control Panel. Now, click on the Hardware and Sound option and open it. After that, you need to select Manage Audio Devices. Then, open the Recording option after that and ensure you have enabled the Stereo Mix. Finally, set the setting to default Mic. Now, you can start playing the local Spotify songs via Rythm Bot.

Part 3. To Sum Up

By now, you have learned how to get Rythm Bot to play Spotify directly via commands and use the best Spotify music converter to listen to Spotify songs offline via Rythm Bot. If you have encountered some trouble while following the above steps, please leave them in the comment area. We will try our best to fix your issue.

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